Alien Invasion

Alien Invasion Expansion

The ultimate sci-fi MMORPG is about to get even better as a hostile alien race invades Rubi-Ka. When a massive call to arms is sounded across the planet, tensions mount, allegiances are put to the test and the threat of all-out war looms. Join the rally against the aliens...for the galaxy, for Rubi-Ka, for humanity... prepare for the last stand...

Feature List:

  • Trigger alien attacks and defend your cities in a unique content on demand system for entire guilds
  • Board and attack alien spaceships
  • Discover powerful alien weapons, armor, technology and perks
  • Embark on exciting quests
  • Experience a brand new beginner area
  • New Social Features
  • Build epic cities with powerful benefits
  • Construct towering guild houses
  • Decorate cities with extra fixtures
  • Set up own player controlled shops
  • Access revised tradeskill interface and item search tool
  • Dress up in exciting new social clothes
  • Rule the sky in futuristic flying vehicles