Shadowlands is the first expansion pack for the award-winning massively multiplayer online game Anarchy Online. Embark on a journey through the magnificent lands of the most ancient of civilizations, and explore a world of unknown technology, corrupted creatures, and destructive conflict.

Shadowlands introduces an impressive range of features; new and exciting playfields, professions, monsters and game-play improvements.

Feature List:

  • Increased Level cap to 220
  • Two new professions; Shade and Keeper
  • The floating city of Jobe
  • 20+ new playfields across seven distinct themes
  • Hundreds of new character perks; increasing specialization options even further
  • Faction system to further emphasize the strong setting
  • Hundreds of new monsters with improved AI
  • New music and audio
  • 150+ Shadowlands dungeons
  • New deluxe apartments
  • Enhanced graphics with unique depth and detail
  • Thousands of new weapons, armour and items
  • Shadowbreed, unleash your inner self in combat
  • Lots of new quests
  • And much more