Account Questions

Anarchy Online is a science fiction-based persistent online role-playing game developed and published by Funcom.

Is there a fee to play Anarchy Online? And if there is, how much is it?

The first 30 days of gameplay is included in the initial price of the game. After that you will have to choose one of the following payment plans.

  • 1 month: EUR 14.95 (EU EUR 17,19 INCL VAT) / USD 14.95

  • 3 months: EUR 35.85 (EU EUR 41,23 INCL VAT) / USD 35.85

  • 6 months: EUR 59.70 (EU EUR 68,66 INCL VAT) / USD 59.70

  • 12 months: EUR 95.40 (EU EUR 109,71 INCL VAT) / USD 95.40

1 month = 30 days

Do I need a credit card to play the 7 day free trial?

Yes, you need a credit card to sign up for the 7-day trial account.

You do not need a credit card if you purchase the retail boxed version.

Do I risk losing my account and characters if my credit card expires, I get other problems with payment or it has been cancelled for a while?

We will not delete your character until the account has been closed for at least 3 months. It is possible that the characters are kept longer. One way to check the status on your character is to go to the People of Rubi-Ka page on our web site.

Another way to check if your account still is in the system, is to access your account page. If you are successful, then the account is still in the system and can be reactivated.

The reason we delete the characters from the account is that we would like to avoid inactive characters to occupy names.

Even if the account is closed, it will be possible to re-open it again during the lifetime of the game. A lot of players have been doing this over the last months.

Is it possible to hack my account?

All the information on your player account has been running on a secure server since read more...

Why do I get a 'dimension not available' or 'could not connect to login-handler' error message?

The reason could be that you are playing behind a fire wall. Please see the question about this. It could also be caused by server downtime (scheduled or unscheduled).

Is the registration secure?

The registration pages on are protected by SSL encryption. Please have a look at for information on SSL encryption.

I am going to re-install Anarchy Online or install it on a new computer. What files do I have to keep to be able to continue playing my characters?

All character information are stored server side. That means that you don't have to worry about deleting any files on your computer to be able to play your characters. You could install Anarchy Online on another computer, and it will still access the same information on our servers.

All character information will be stored on our servers for at least three months after you cancel your account.

How do I reactivate my old account?

To reactivate an account that you have cancelled at a prior time, simply go to your account page and click the reactivation button at the bottom of the page. Before you do so, make sure to review your billing details to confirm that the billing cycle you want is selected and the credit card in the system is valid. If you reactivate before confirming this information, you may run into problems with the system billing you for a time period you did not select or to a credit card you did not wish.

If I cancel early, can I get a partial refund?

No, Funcom does not give partial reimbursements, even if you cancel only a day into your next cycle. But, the account will remain active until the paid time expires, before permanently canceling.

Where do I get the CD-key the site is asking for while setting up the trial period?

If you are setting up a 7-day Trial account but are unable to finish the process because you have not been given a CD-Key, it is because you are attempting to create the account through the wrong link. To start an account through the download option you need to use the following link:

Click Register An Account and then fill out all the fields. You will be issued a CD Key automatically.

How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your account, simply click on the Account button at Log In and then click Cancel subscription at the bottom of your account page. If the process was completed successfully, you will receive a confirmation email stating that your account is now cancelled.

I begin to register an account at However, every time I fill out my information and click the Continue button, it immediately takes me back to the login screen. Why?

In order for you to access our account pages correctly, your internet browser must be able to accept “cookies”. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, set your Security and Privacy settings to default. These options can be accessed by selecting Tools --> Internet Option from the menu bar of your IE display window. If the registration process was completed successfully, you will receive a confirmation email stating that your account is now open.

If you are accessing the Funcom account page from within a frame (like Hotmail), try to open a new browser window on your account page without the frame.