The Art Gallery Magazine

The Art Gallery (TAG) is Rubi-Ka's biggest independent news and entertainment source. First published in 29411 as a grid tabloid, criticized for its skewed political coverage of celebrities and politicians, TAG has grown into a much-respected, albeit still controversial periodical, with some of the planet's most renowned investigative journalists and writers on-staff. 

The mission statement of the magazine is as follows:

TAG Magazine aims to be the premier independent resource for the quality reporting and analysis of the current news and political situation on Rubi-Ka that impact every individual. The main focus of TAG Magazine is to provide a clear, balanced, and above-all bipartisan viewpoint on the current events of Rubi-Ka, eschewing party lines and political bias to deliver a fair and neutral standpoint on the important news and hottest topics crossing the globe.


Issue #1 - Halloween: Myths & Traditions

This issue takes a closer look at the season of Halloween.

Download TAG - Issue #1 




Issue #2 - Peace?

This issue of TAG studies the fragile hope of peace on Rubi-Ka.

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Issue #3 - War?

This issue of TAG features an article on how easy it is to be on the brink of war on Rubi-Ka.

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Issue #4 - Absent Fathers

This issue looks at the consequences of Ross and Radiman's absence.

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Special Issue - Burning Planet

This special issue features and article about Commander Fisk in Tir City.

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Issue #5 - From The Ashes

The focus of this issue of TAG is the terrorist group Dust Brigade.

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Issue #6 - Why We Fight

In this issue of TAG people on the streets were asked about their reason for fighting in the ongoing conflict.

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Issue #7 - Balancing Act

This issue of TAG was released in the wake of the assassination attempt on Philip Ross.

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Issue #8 - Mechs on Rubi-Ka

An article on mechanical combat vehicles and another on Red Freedom heads this feature-rich issue of TAG.

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