Legacy of Xan

Legacy of the Xan Booster Pack

As the Omni-Tek Corporation breaks new ground on Rubi-Ka...

They find a beautiful, deserted terrain filled with ruins of an ancient civilization.

Researchers are hand picked... but they take on more then they can chew.

Deep within, the Outzones holds a large terrorist base with an objective threatening the very existence of Rubi-Ka.

Meanwhile, the never ending menace from outer space is in late stage of planning a major operation.

The corporation opens up the gates to the public... Can you make a difference... before it's too late?


Feature List:

  • Explore the Outzone of Rubi-Ka including two large playfields
  • Embark on hours of story driven quests
  • Experience three new team instances
  • Discover plenty of new Xan technology and weaponry
  • Meet new encounters
  • Gain a lot of alien experience