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Letter from the Game Director

A message today from Game Director Craig 'Silirrion' Morrison thanking the players for their support through the server migration and information on upcoming content

"Firstly, I hope that everyone is enjoying the new website. We hope that it will provide an excellent platform for being able to keep you all updated on the latest news, updates and information on the game for years to come. It's another small part of our comittment to ensuring that you all get many more years of enjoyment on Rubi-Ka! The new format means that the community team will be able to keep you updated with goings on related to the game much easier and more visibly. I'll be sure to drop by and give you updates like these as well on a regular basis.

The main issue on everyone's mind the last few weeks has of course been the issues that we have encountered since the server migration. I'd like to extend a personal thanks to all of you for your continued patience over the last few weeks. What should have just been 'teething issues' with the migration obviously ended up causing a much greater impact on your gameplay experience then we would have liked. We truly appreciate the support and understanding that we have been shown over the last few weeks. As such we wanted to make a gesture of thanks to everyone for their support.

To this end we will be doing a couple of things. firstly we will be crediting all active subscribers with three additional days subscription time. (Please note this may take a few days to process so it may be next week before it shows up on your account page) Also we will adding bonus exp levels to game next weekend starting on Friday the 31st and carrying on through the weekend. Keep your eyes out for more specific details on that over the course of next week.

So what are we up to now in terms of production? We are busy putting the final touches to the vehicle pack expansion and are about to start testing of the build. The issues with the live dimensions did set us back a little, at least in ters of deployment, but it hasnt stopped the artists working hard to make the new vehicles even better (artists always like to hear the words 'you have more time'!) and the bikes and boards are really looking fantastic! I am very proud of how the vehicle pack is turning out and I think that you will all enjoy crusing around Rubi-ka on these rides!

You can check out our vehicle preview and the Art and Renders gallery for a glimpse of what is to come!

Hopefully, pending testing of course, the vehicle pack will be ready to be deployed to the live dimensions before the end of September. We will let you all know when we have a specific launch date, and of course details of the new paid points pricing.

Live content updates won't stop either, the designers are already hard at work on the new quest series for the 17.7 update and I think it will be great to see people exploring Rubi-Ka again, the original zones have been in need of some extra reason to explore the vast world out there, and we hope that these quests will help in that regard. We will also be continuing to add new loot and items to the Rubi-Ka drop tables and 17.7 will see a great new set of tradeskill updates for old Rubi-Ka weapons to bring them up to speed a little more with the current gameplay. They won't be the 'best' weapons in the game by any stretch, but they will hopefully be useful additions (in particular for free players and those in search of a little nostalgic feeling of being 'back in the old days'). Overall we hope additions like that will help to keep Rubi-ka itself every bit as active and appealing as other areas of the game.

For those who pay attention as well, the latest Dust Brigade activity, and that which wil be found in 17.7 will start to unlock some of the ancient secrets of Rubi-ka and lead into some great adventures ahead. Be mindful of the information that the JOBE scientists, the Yuttos and beings like Ergo have been revealing to you, it might just serve you well in the future!

Which leads us into the fact that shortly we will be starting production on the following booster pack that will contain new playfields and a gameplay experience based around the mysteries of ancient Rubi-Ka and how they have shaped the planet to this day (and even driven your actions!). We don't have a set release time for that booster pack yet, but hope that it won't be that far our relatively speaking. We have managed to greatly improve the way in which we can build and deploy new content over the last half year and we will be working hard to try and keep that up.

So I think there are some very exciting times ahead for Anarchy Online, and again, you all have my personal thanks for continuing to support us and we all hope you enjoy the game, as well as look forward to the content to come!

To those of you who will be attending Dragoncon next week, hopefully I will see you there, otherwise stay safe and have fun on Rubi-Ka!"


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