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Two Account-Related Items of Interest

Just a couple brief updates on billing and account related things.

Firstly, all sales of game time cards and AO upgrades such as Lost Eden will now be handled exclusively through Funcom's billing pages rather than through Ask.Net.

And on the topic of prepaid time cards, prepaid cards were not considered “recurring” the way subscriptions are, which is why they were not initially given a stipend of Paid Points.

However, we are aware that there are players in the community that use prepaid cards and decided we don't want to leave them out. Users of prepaid 3 month and 6 month cards will thus get a small stipend of Paid Points to thank them for playing. Users of 3 month cards will get 150 Paid Points and 6 months will get 350 Paid Points.

Those who have been paying with prepaid cards since the Paid Points system went live will also get the points they've earned since that system went online. However, this is a manual process and requires some work, so please give us some time. If you haven't received your Paid Points as of December 21, please contact