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Professional Recruitment

It's that time again. We are recruiting for the Professional Program!


The Professionals program is looking for volunteers again. The professionals are those players who communicate the specific professional concerns from the player base to the dev team and are active on the forums talking about and discussing the ins and outs of their profession. You can find the details of the program here.

There are currently slots available for the following professions:

Agent 2x, Engineer 2x, Keeper, Soldier x2, MA, and Trader

Please review the selection criteria and process of selection in the post linked above and if you are interested apply via PM on the forums to ‘Famine’ with the heading 'Professional application - <insert profession here>' by December 18, 2007.

Words on Selection 

So how do we choose the professionals? This has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue on the forums. Well, if you glance here, you can see that there are a number of things that we look for in a professional for the community. Going over the list, you must have been a member of the Anarchy-Online community for at least six months. This does not mean just playing in game but both in game and on the community forums. Part of being a Professional is being active in the community, even more in the professional community section that you are applying for.

You also must show that you can communicate in a constructive way to both other players and Funcom. What this means is that you must at least show you can convey information to us and to the community members in the profession forums you represent. This is very crucial in keeping up to date and active in conveying feedback to both Funcom and the community.

So you think you don’t have the requirements that you listed, should you still apply? Yes! The first step to showing you are active in the community is taking the step towards being a community leader. Whatever the reason on why you didn’t get selected will be conveyed to you to help increase your chances the next go around.

Being a Professional is not always easy and it’s not always hard. The idea is to develop a one-way (players-to-Funcom) link which, exists to keep the Anarchy-Online development team up to date on the players wishes for future development and to confirm bugs that are affecting the different professionals that have already been reported to Funcom.

If you have any questions or comments on the Professional program then please mail us at and or via PM to ‘Famine’.

Glen ‘Famine’ Swan
Community Coordinator - Anarchy Online


(Updated: New MA spot submitted. These applicants have an extended time of 2 days from the posted date.)