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It's That Time Of Year. Christmas Is Coming!

Even with the twin suns scorching the lands on Rubi-Ka, people find a way to be merry and celebrate the holidays. This year there's more decorations to collect and even a few fashionable items!

Dressed in Santa suits and waving mistletoe twigs, the citizens of Rubi-Ka are very good at making the merriment last for weeks around this time of year. We have come up with a series of fun and gifts we hope will set you in the mood for Christmas.

Santa Leet

Santa Leet, the most mysterious leet of them all, comes out this season as well. Who knows what kind of presents he's hid away! Sharing presents with everyone, the leets spread fun and joy across the planet. This year, people will find presents that can be used both for decoration and for gleeful unwrapping of surprises! 

Just like years before, Santa Leet will give out Christmas decorations to anyone who brings him what he wants the most.

The limited editions

This year also features a series of limited edition items, including three gingerbread figures, a candy cane, seasonal bikini and boxers, a snowman decoration, a Santa Leet doll, a gingerbread house and a candy cane backpack! For the people with Shadowlands access, there is also another dancing doll to collect this year, sold exclusively in Jobe.

In other words, enough to make any home a decorated holiday haven and anyone into a fashionista with style!


The escaped toys

We have heard that there is a toy manufacturer who is struggling with errant toys and that he would be very grateful for some help with these mechanical miscreants. 

Phasefront Phantom – Candy Cane Flyer

The largest casual vehicle manufacturer in the galaxy has once more designed a hover board for collectors. Phasefront is proud to present the Candy Cane Flyer, a specially designed version of the popular Phantom board. This stunning board is guaranteed to turn heads and will look fabulous with any outfit, especially the seasonal ones! 

This new design will only be available from the Phasefront vendor until the 17.8 update goes live so make sure you grab your chance to snare this exclusive bike while it's available!

Christmas parties

As we decorate and make Rubi-Ka ready for Christmas, we would also like to emphasize that our wonderful helpers in ARK throw excellent parties around every holiday, and it's no different this year! If you want to shake your thing and party over the weekends, make sure to visit our forums and keep your eyes peeled for more information about the festivities.