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Version 17.8.1 Update Notes

The 17.8.1 update was patched to the servers today. Here are the notes.


  • Client to server position synch issues should now be resolved.
  • Martial Arts special attacks should now function as they did before.
  • Accidental deaths at the end of duels should now be much less common.
  • Duel Markers should now disappear correctly at the end of a duel.
  • Social tagged items should now be able to be equipped in the social window.
  • Wearing Miir Male Underwear Strong Corset or Fixer Galean Body Armor will no longer cause client crashes but may still raise eyebrows.
  • Agent Mimic line nanos should now be able to be cast with only one free NCU.

Dust Brigade Instance
  • The instance should now be created properly ensuring a fresh instance every time for each new team.
  • Death caused by synch issues in the new Dust Brigade instance should now be corrected.
  • The DOT inside the new DB instance will now execute correctly without a cast bar and for the correct damage.
  • Time in which the debuff can be removed has been doubled.
  • The death of Aune should now properly remove the debuff.