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Anarchy Online turns 7!

On June 27th, Anarchy Online turns 7 years old, and we have prepared several great offers and fun, in-game surprises for the players. We look very much forward to celebrating the anniversary of the game together with you!

Keeping in the theme of “7”, we’re delighted to present several great offers to all of you, both the old and the new, and the free players.

Anniversary gifts and offers

Active Anarchy Online players will receive 700 paid points for free. You can use these on whatever in-game items you want, ranging from jet bikes and hover boards, Jobe Luxury Apartment and pet leets, to social clothing to add a dash of color to the game world! We are also giving you 7 buddy keys to invite friends to try the game. With these buddy keys your friends will be able to discover and enjoy the wonders of Rubi-Ka! These keys give a full 30 days of free play with all expansions enabled.

Previous subscribers should keep an eye on their e-mail inboxes for a very special offer giving them the opportunity to return to Rubi-Ka. 

Finally, we have a special offer to our free players. For only $7/€7, you can upgrade to the full game experience, including all expansion content. This offer also includes 7 days of free play time!

All of these special offers are only available until July 4th, so be sure not to miss the opportunity, and join us in celebrating the wonderful history of Anarchy Online!


In-game surprises

Like we have done previous years, we have prepared some in-game surprises and gifts for our players. From June 27th and one week forward, you will be able to find a special party planner NPC, who is happily giving away gifts to anyone who asks her, plus she has a fun little stock of party treats!

Among the items players can get for the birthday celebrations are a special birthday placard, a leetzilla doll, a cake fixture, XP buff items, a couple of clothing pieces suited for partying, a beautiful painting of a familiar place on Rubi-Ka, and finally a small item to tribute a certain barbarian and the story about his world.

Players will also have access to some classic party effects, like the monster sunglasses, the funny arrow and the propeller hat!


Want to party the night away?

Ever helpful and present, ARK has planned parties the entire birthday weekend. Lots of fun, good music and all sorts of unexpected surprises are on the agenda. Find details on when and where here! There will be plenty of available activities for the players who find themselves online this weekend!


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