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Version 17.10 Update Notes

Here are the notes for the 17.10 update which will come to the live servers today.

Raid Interface

The 17.10 update brings with it a new raid management and instancing system that will allow players to come together like never before and get a much better overview of their raid forces.

The new raid interface (control+shift+r) will allow players to manage the teams and individuals within the new raid groups. Players will be able to use the following features:

  • Switch and assign players between teams within the raid.
  • Each profession within the raid can be identified by profession icons next to their names.
  • Manage a maximum of six teams together as one raid. For raid instances the limit on the number of teams will vary playfield to playfield up to a maximum of six.
  • Use a specific raid channel for communication.
  • Move the players health and nano bars to appear anywhere you wish on the screen.
  • See how much health a player has lost both by their bar and through a numerical display over the bar showing how much health they have lost.
  • Assign different loot rules including a leader mode where the raid leader can assign loot rights to anyone in the raid. Anyone not in the raid will never be able to open the corpse.

Raid Instances

In addition to the new raid interface and systems, several of the existing playfields will be converted to raid instances. The raid playfields will be tied to a specific raid group allowing you to tackle the content on your own without interruptions or competition. It will also allow you to start the alien playfield raids on your own schedules.

The first playfields to get this treatment will be the original alien playfields, Sectors 13, 28 and 35.

The Unicorn Gatekeeper has earned his retirement. The old playfield timers will be gone and the raid force will be able to start whenever they like. However, the raids will have timers that lock you to that instance after a key event, but that lock will be specific to the character and doesn’t stop others trying the instance at the same time.

Nano Changes

  • Two profession specific nanos have been added for every profession and are available to the brave defenders of Rubi-Ka.
  • Instant cast nanos should now be truly instant. Players should no longer become stuck in a casting state.
  • AOE nanos now correctly check the nano resist of all targets in range.
  • Pets should now correctly be affected by Area Of Effect Nanos in duels.
  • Fixer Team Grid should now function correctly.
  • New Battlestation-Only Shells for Engineer Widowmaker and Ravening M-60 Pets.

Item Changes

  • Cloak of The Reanimated Gladiator should now buff Cold and Radiation damage correctly.
  • Shadowlands Nano and Health Coils should once again be usable on friendly players.

World and NPC Changes

  • Pet paths should now be calculated in a more efficient manner.
  • Synch issues with monster locations should now be resolved.
  • NPC death animations should once again properly display.
  • Engineer Widowmaker pets should no longer occasionally heal their opponents.
  • Pets falling off the catwalks "Inside the Machine" (Second Dust Brigade team instance) will no longer die. Pet pathing has also been improved inside this instance.

System Changes

  • Zoning to new playfields should now be significantly quicker.
  • Alien XP formulae have been altered to better reflect Risk vs. Reward.
  • XP Bonus modifiers now apply to AXP.
  • Client server synch of opposing player position has been improved.
  • A new Time-Stamp option has been added to the chat and is available in the Visual Options of the chat windows.
  • A new option to disable long-tool-tips on the shortcut bars has been added to the Misc section of the F10 options menu.
  • A new raid channel has been added to Chat Options.
  • Tabbing will not select members of your raid or their pets, regardless of side.
  • Scripting system should once again function as before.
  • Fixed several exploits.