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MMOFury Kicks Off Its Latest Top MMORPG Fansite Awards!

It’s that time again!!! MMOFury is now accepting entries for our Top Fansite Awards, an event that gives recognition to fansites that show a devotion to the community and give value to gamers.

Twice per year, as a way of giving back to the community, we review thousands of fansites and select the Top Gaming Fansites to showcase on our site and to offer helpful promotional tools. We had a tremendous response to our last Fansite Awards, this one will be even better!!

Previous winners include MapleTip, Flyff World, 1Perfect World, Warcraft Movies, EVE Files, IGNVault, TenTonHammer, and Now you have the chance to have your favorite site listed as a Top Fansite. Being selected as a top site is not just about bragging rights, winning sites will receive listing on its Top Fansite list, and will now be able to have exclusive blogs, free banners on our site, and other great rewards.

If you own a gaming fansite, or if you are a member of a fansite that you think deserves to be on our Top Fansite list, send an email to . We are also pleased to announce the addition of a new category, Top New Fansite. This new category gives everyone, even those that do not have their site launched yet, a chance to participate.  

The winners will be broken down into 3 main categories; the Top Fansites that feature 5 or less game titles, Top Multi-game (5 or more games) fansites, and Top New Fansite. From the 45 Top traditional fansites listed, we select 5 of them as the Overall Top 5.

Multi-game Fansites were broken into 3 sub-categories; informational, database, and community each filling an important need to the mmorpg community. 

The Top New Fansite is a way for those with a fansite less than 30 days old to have a better chance of competing against longer running sites.

Winners will be announced during the first week of November. 

To find out more about this event then please head over to MMOFury for the full information and rules.