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Introduction to Friday with Means

In his first ever address to the citizens of Rubi-Ka, new game director Colin "Means" Cragg begins a brand new tradition: Friday With Means! Click to read a brief overview of the state of Anarchy Online, written by Means himself.

The B00ster Pack:

Work continues on our latest booster pack. Several of the new playfields and instances are nearing completion and we are hoping to get them to test before the end of the month. It is always magic to see the new bright-and-shinys come together to create new playfields. I am always amazed at what our artists produce based on the dreams they receive from the designers. We spend a great deal of time focused in on our own individual little pieces of these projects, so when we get to put it together it is always an exciting week.


The New Graphics Engine:

Thank you to the following players for taking time out to pose with me and the amazing Macrosun for our screenie taken in the new engine on Atlantean:
Supahsoloeer, Swishaa, Bollhapiac, Docterzero, Perkizou, Huonosihti, Vrimedic, Menkyo, Kiteran, Glatt and some tiny agent I did not manage to get the name of. (See if you can find him!)

Our drive to get the new engine up and running got a fresh boost this week when Enno "I Break Stuff" Rehling returned to the team to help us refocus our efforts. Enno was here at the beginning of time when a great deal of the AO source was written and it will be a great help to the rest of the coder team to have him aboard again to help us bring the dream home. We have all been waiting a long time for this and it still gives me goosebumps when I get to see the world we all know so well looking so bright and new.
Hope to see you all in-game soon! :)
-- Colin "Means" Cragg
Game Director