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Booster Sneak Peek

This week with "Friday with Means" we bring you an update on this years suprises, peek at the booster pack and much more!

I look forward to Halloween every year the way little kids look forward to Christmas. This week we have been spending what was supposed to be a little time making some new surpises for the annual event. As usual we have gotten a little carried away.

Some of this years surprises: The much requested "I Win" button is going to be added for all professions, new creepy seasonal clothing and costumes and of course a giant rubber duck (just because the artists can). A new Halloween-edition hoverboard and jetbike will also be added to the Phasefront vendor.


The Booster Pack:

The alien dominated playfield is beginning to take shape. The feel of entering an area fully controlled and patrolled by the invaders will be a very different experience to that of having them on "our" turf. The story continues to develop and different power elements within the "grey area" of the conflict are beginning to take physical form from the imagination of the designers.

"Deep inside ancient halls an inhuman figure ruminates inside its mechanical aberration, reaching out with his alien will through agents of change and affecting the flow of the conflict... omnipresent and always watching."

--Colin "Means" Cragg
Game Director