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Version 17.10.2 Update Notes

This week we snuck a small update in the scheduled maintenance downtime to bring in a few fixes and of course this years Halloween Treats

  • Halloween Treats will be available starting Friday October 24th. Boo!
  • New Jetbike "Skullbox" and Hoverboard "Harvester Oni" added to Phasefront vendors.
  • Decreased prices on Phasefront vehicles and reintroduced mega-packs.
  • Team/raid members entering full (non-raid/team) instances will now be sent to a new instance instead of not getting in.
  • Starting to sit down and then quickly running away will no longer show you sliding around on your behind. You will now be firmly rooted to the ground when sitting.
  • The last person leaving team 1 should no longer cause leaderless raids if there are other players left to take over the job.
  • Improved health and nanobar synch in raid interface.
  • Sector 42 should once again function correctly and should now have increased frequency of loot.
  • PVP flagged pets should no longer be possible to kill without consequence.
  • Fixed several exploits.