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Mitaar Hero & Profession Altars Sneak Peek

This week the man himself talks a little bit about the recent update issues that happen last Thursday as well sneaks another peek at the upcoming booster single team instances "Mitaar Hero" and "Profession Altars."


A horrible nightmare! The Halloween curse struck our update this Thursday in a terrifying manner with an "old" resource database being deployed to the entire playerbase. This meant that our "bug-free" version that had been solid on TestLive through the weekend was NOT the version that was patched out to all our players. TERROR! This combined with both our build engineers being currently on vacation in Japan/Korea made this a particularly difficult issue to tackle. SUFFERING! This particular issue had never happened before, and without the specialists on hand to handle the issue the result was a great number of dedicated people working through the night to correct the problems - Especially given the fact that today is Friday and anything less than 100% certainty would be unacceptable. In the end we had to rely on the generosity of previous AO family members, no longer at Funcom, to take the time to help us through this deep-dark-ancient-history nightmare. Thank you Andre!


There will be a very quick (15 minute-ish) downtime very today to address this issue, after which we can expect a full-on invasion of Halloween content! See you there by the "I Win" button!

The Booster

The booster continues to develop graphically. The tricky single team instances "Mitaar Hero" and "Profession Altars" are beginning to take shape (screens coming soon!) and the outzone playfields are quickly coming up to the high standard I've cruelly imposed on the artists.

Thanks again this week for all of you who have taken the time to discuss new ideas and improvements with me. If we manage to implement half of these great ideas I think we will be in for a fantastic year!

Happy Halloween! I win!

Colin "Means" Cragg