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Halloween edition of Friday with Means

In this Halloween edition of Friday with Means, the main man shares more from the upcoming booster, the joys of winning, and a special weekend offer letting old players experience the holiday fun for free.

Another busy Halloween week! I somehow lost my voice this week... this has never happened to me before. My team has been referring to this as a "good for us... bad for you" type problem. I hope to resume threatening death and destruction at a normal volume in the near future.

When I've been fortunate enough to eat this week, lunch at my desk has been much more entertaining with trips to the "Win" button in Old Athens. Thanks to all that played and curse you all for your good luck! I found myself repeatedly at the other end of the city. I am very seriously considering implementing this feature as a part of orbital strike mechanics, as being killed from space has never felt right to me, but further consideration and discussion is needed.

I've seen many of you riding the new Jetbike and Hoverboard... the new artists are thrilled to see their first new items in game met with such approval. If they keep up this standard we're in for a real treat - Just wait until I get to show you the new "Advanced" Dust Brigade. I hope you all have been enjoying this years Halloween fun as much as we have enjoyed making it.

I ran into a player I haven't seen for ages this week, and with very little thought or planning have opened up the servers for ALL old accounts this weekend. All our old friends have a chance to come visit this weekend... very short notice, I know, but I hope some manage to come by and catch up on old times.

The Booster:

These are far and away the most complex playfields we have ever built. Here is an aerial shot of a part of the "Dust Brigade" section. I'm not sure which way is up myself looking at this screen. At this height the npcs and structures are too small to see. Making each of these areas a unique experience and adding recognizable landmarks (so we don't all get lost) has been a "self inflicted" challenge that is slowly being thoroughly conquered by the team.


The "Alien" occupied territories are really starting to "hit" that feeling I think we all want to see. An area NOT in our control but thoroughly held down by the invaders. I want US to feel like the invaders in these areas. Stepping into here will provide challenge and RISK to the unprepared. I want this out NOW. Unfortunately everyone keeps telling me I need to test it first... sigh.


Happy Halloween all!

-- Colin "Means" Cragg