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Community Concerns on the Latest Booster

Means answers some of the communities questions on the latest booster

After a week largely wasted with a fantastic combined flu-food poisoning episode there is not a great deal of new activity on my end to share. It has not been a good two weeks. I am still dizzy...and not in a good way. Next time I am down in the south of Sweden we'll have to arrange some kind of meet up. It would be great to catch up with some of you in your own hometowns...sorry I missed the chance this time. I think it is a great idea to have some kind of Q&A part of this weekly post...I'm hoping Famine will help me get it started. Please post your questions for next week in this thread...and I'll make sure we get it in.

The Booster:

Combined Combined Combined Combined is NOT part of the booster and never was. Please stop picketing my dog doesn't like it. "Items in the DB rip are not necessarily part of the etc etc."

Items/Loot 100% in this booster will be deck slot item upgrades, Spirits and Symbiant upgrades. Many placeholders are already in place..and again should not be taken as the final versions until it is live. There will also be some "artifacts" of mysterious use...but no details on that yet. I also wouldn't want to spoil the surprise too much. Fear and Knockback pvp additions will be included in the VP vendors at the same time as the Booster...but will not be booster dependant for use. Profession specific pvp toolset additions are not going to be available only to those who purchase the booster.

Thanks to all who have taken the time to help us test the code aspect of the booster. Mighty Macrosun was able to nail down and fix several serious issues this week that we hope to ship to test dimensions early next week. Next week should also include the first playfield for testing "Neretva Canyon"...and hopefully more.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Colin "Means" Cragg