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18.0 - Legacy Of The Xan - Update release notes

This update brings the highly anticipated Legacy Of The Xan booster to the live dimensions.

18.0 Release Notes

Legacy Of The Xan - Booster Pack

  • Explore two enormous new adventure areas, and discover a new central hub the hidden-away city of the Xan civilization.
  • Throw yourself into three new team instanced encounters.
  • Progress through hundreds of new solo and team missions and seek to uncover the truth in the complex Dust Brigade and Alien Invasion storylines.
  • New powerful symbiants, spirits, and deck items - enabling you to boost your character to new heights.

Also included in this update:
  • New PVP Fear nanos added to the OFAB PVP vendors.
  • MP pets and Carlo Pinnetti pet durations should now be increased to 2 hours.
  • Orbital Strike Mechanics updated - Orbital Strikes will no longer kill players at full health caught in the the strike. Players caught in the affected area will now be knocked away to a significant distance, damaged, and snared for a short amount of time to disperse the crowd...rather than kill it outright.
  • Bow has been added to the Champion of Light Artillery perk line. The two associated perk specials (Collapser + Implode) can now be used with a bow equipped.
  • Cool-Down timers will now display visually on icons on the shortcut bar for nanos and perks. This can be enabled/disabled in the options window.
  • Agents have now been granted FP access to some previously unusable nanos.
  • QL 300 MP-spawned Unpolluted Crytals should now be fillable on QL 255 towers.
  • Form Of Risan should now correctly require SI/PM and no longer has an associated runspeed debuff.
  • Fixed several significant exploits.

Not included in this update

A serious issue with the booster final 12-man raid was discovered too close to the downtime to release it safely without delaying the update. It will be included in the next available update.