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Preview: Dark Ruins & The Nightclub

A quick look at the newest update headed for the AO Live dimensions - The Dark Ruins playfield and the new nightclub!

In Adonis a new challenge awaits, the Dark Ruins.

Jobe have found some ancient ruins guided by a strange cult. A team of two young scientists were sent to investigate the ruins, but were never seen again. No one knows what might have happened to them.

Your job will be to assist a Jobe investigator named George to infiltrate the cult and to find the truth. Is the cult behind the disappearance of the two scientists? What secrets are hidden in the ruins? Are you the right person for this job?

Dark ruins is designed for title level 5 and 6

  • Explore 2 new playfields
    • The first playfield is balanced for one single player.
    • When you have completed the quest line, you can return with a team to do daily quests.
  • New mechanics
    • Keep your eyes open and try new things!
    • What you do will affect the story and how much experience you get.
  • A new boss encounter
  • A new pvm armor set for title level 5 players
  • High xp rewards from quests.


Get your groove on in a nightclub so new, even WE don’t know the name yet!

High above the Rubi-Ka skies lies a magical, enchanted land of happiness, excitement, and amazing music. Ok, well, maybe not magical and enchanted but there’s lots of booze and a pink VIP room - Who could pass that up?       

Free to all and sporting some amazing visuals, this new nightclub is the perfect place to party for you and your friends. After a long day of beating bad guys (and monsters) into submission, chill amongst the stars with a long, cool, refreshing drink; dance the night away on one of the lighted floors; get a little business taken care of while you're at it with included GMS, bank terminal and surgery clinic.


  • Brand new social area
  • New resources, NPCs, drinks and more - Check out the lighted dance floors!
  • Market search, banking and surgery clinics let you get work taken care of even while partying.