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Anarchy Online at Dragon*Con 2009!

Funcom will attend Dragoncon this year for a variety of informative panels and to throw one major KICKASS party

We are pleased to confirm that Funcom will attend Dragoncon this year for a variety of informative panels and to throw one major KICKASS party! Dragoncon is the largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film in the US. Dragoncon is also EXPLODING with amazing costumes by the thousands and sensational all-night parties that will free anyone from their digital fixation!

The convention will be held Labor Day weekend (September 4 - September 7, 2009) in Atlanta, GA. Tickets are now on sale at the price of $90 dollars for the 4 day event that spans 4 hotels and will be the host to thousands of fans from all over the world. Find out more details about the convention, tickets, and how to get there from!

Schedule (unofficial schedule)


  • 4:00 PM – Anarchy Online Panel (Athens Room – Sheraton)
  • 10:00 PM – Funcom/Massively Party (Atrium A601/A602 – Marriott)

  • 10:00 AM – Free and Freemium MMOs (Augusta Room – Sheraton)
  • 2:30 PM – MMO Industry Roundtable (Athens Room – Sheraton)

FunCon 09': Battle of the Factions and Funcom are teaming up to host one of Dragon*Con’s most kickass parties to date! Now with a solid partner in crime, Funcom will join together with and provide THE official gathering for all MMOG fans alike!

This year we’re going all out with a live DJ that will stream the entire party both in-game exclusively for our Anarchy Online players and online via internet radio. We’ll also have various giveaways for awesome prizes as well just handing out swag for those who attend the party!

If that wasn’t enough, the party will also host a few special guests that will remain unannounced until we’re closer to the event launch. However, we’re pleased to announce that Canadian singer/songwriter Jennifer Parkin from Ayria has confirmed attendance of this year’s event! Ayria is an anime, glam, 80's, gothic Lolita, cyber, and punk all wrapped up in an energetic ball of furry that will surely bring a lot of flavor to our event!


Head on over to the Marriott Hotel and we’re located beside the Pulse Bar on the Atrium level. You can find us in rooms A601 & A602 at 10PM EST!

Giveaways & Prizes

We have over $10,000 dollars worth of prizes to give away this year that includes assorted video cards, hard drives, keyboards, and grand prizes like the GameRigs Anarchy Online Custom Case and GameRigs Age of Conan Custom PC! On top of this, we’ll be giving away new and existing free swag like our inflatable Conan swords, Anarchy Online mouse pads, new Anarchy Online faction sticker decals and Anarchy Online T-Shirts!

How to Win?

You can win any of our prizes from attending any of the Funcom panels. The major prizes and giveaways will be at the party and will be handed out throughout the night. Most of all, if you can’t attend the convention you can join us in-game for the exclusive in-game Anarchy Online party at Reets for your chance to pick up some great in-game prizes as well have a chance for your character to be streamed live at the party!


This year the following Funcom representatives have been confirmed to attend DragonCon:

  • Colin ‘Means’ Cragg - Game Director for Anarchy Online
  • Scott ‘Nophex’ Junior – Customer Support & Quality Assurance Manager
  • Glen ‘Famine’ Swan – Community Manager (US)
  • Additional Funcom representatives