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Halloween 2009 & The Grind Grand Opening

Halloween is always a special time of year in Anarchy Online - Check out the article for information on scary monsters, awesome treats, and the opening of Rubi-Ka's newest nightclub, The Grind!

The Madness Begins...

Death is but a gift to the lucky ones on this special occasion. Soon, darkness will consume the light and the sky will fold itself inside out. Creatures of the night will flood the streets as the wicked crawls it's way out of us, one and all. How will you cope? Only the wisest of us will know... But if it's one thing we know for certain, The people of Rubi-Ka shall fall!

Let the Madness Begin...

Trick or Treat

Frankenleet and Draculeet have familiar tricks up their sleeves once again this year. Want to dress up as a creepy creature? Maybe you want to go hunting indoors for rare and old school items? The leets are more than happy to talk to anyone who approaches them, so make sure to visit them in any larger city and other popular areas for their special missions, and try your hand at gathering oldskool phatz!

New Loot

This year is exploding with new Halloween seasonal goodies for all to enjoy. We have everything from awesome seasonal drinks like Pumpkin Juice to a new festive hover chair and even some great new costumes (OMG Catgurlz!) - This is just the tip of the iceberg, though, so get out, explore, and see just what treats Uncle Pumpkinhead has in store for Rubi-Ka this year!





New “Nosferatu” Hoverbike and “Chimera” Hoverboard

Halloween is our favorite time of the year and as our favorite holiday we're introducing a new limited-edition Hoverbike and new Hoverboard line! Decked out in all new sick graphics, the new Wraith “Nosferatu” Hoverbike and the Chimera “Standard” and Chimera “Violet” Hoverboards have been added to the Phasefront paid points vendor on Newland Lake. Snag the limited-edition items before they disappear forever!


Grand Opening of The Grind Nightclub

After a long, hard day of beating Uncle Pumpkinhead back into the darkness from whence he came, kick your feet up with a nice, cool, refreshing bottle of Leet Fizz at Rubi-Ka's newest, hottest nightclub, The Grind! This club is the new fire, and to celebrate we're throwing a massive Grand Opening/Halloween party to coincide with the holiday season!

Come join Gridstream Productions on Atlantean at 14:00 GMT this Friday, October 23rd – Party moves over to Rimor at 22:00 GMT where Gridstream will keep rocking the airwaves. Then, at 14:00 GMT on Saturday, October 24th, the party explodes onto Die New Welt with Radio SdF providing the tunes. Expect special prizes, contests, and even appearances from the development team of Anarchy Online! This is one party you definitely don't want to miss – Make sure to stop by, chat with the dev team, and rock out to some awesome tunage.

To join in the fun, be at the ICC Headquarters on any dimension at 14:00 GMT on Friday, October 23rd and keep an eye out for "Gerald the Bouncer" - Talk to him to get whisked away to the best party spot the stars have to offer!

We hope everyone enjoys this year's Halloween content, and look forward to seeing you guys out and about at the grand opening for The Grind nightclub. Happy Halloween!