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The Professionals of Anarchy Online

Want more information on how to get involved with the all-new Professionals of Anarchy Online program? Find out more within!


Do you know someone who you think exemplifies their profession in Anarchy Online? Someone who knows their profession backwards, forwards, and in-between? Someone who can clearly and reliably talk about their chosen profession, introduce new players to the ins-and-outs of life on Rubi-Ka, and offer valuable feedback to the developers? Well, here's your chance to get them into the spotlight!

Here's how this works: Each profession in game will receive two Professionals slots - These individuals will be chosen by the you, the players, to receive greater access to chat with and discuss any issues they feel relevant to their profession and the game at large. In addition, the Professionals will also receive unparalleled access to our Bug Hunters staff on Testlive to aid in testing new content, as well as receiving special sneak-previews to upcoming content and ideas. In return, we simply ask for an active presence on the forums and the ability to communicate with ourselves and the players.

To be nominated for the Professionals position, a player must meet the following requirements: You must be a paying member of Anarchy Online with at least six months subscribed, have one character above level 175, and you must have an active presence on the Anarchy Online forums. Players may submit a nominee for a Professional to the following email address: - When writing this email, please use the following format:

(Subject) [PROFESSION] Professional Nomination - [CHARACTERFORUMNAME]

So an email would look like the following:

(Subject): Keeper Professional Nomination - Macrosun

THE EMAIL MUST BE FORMATTED AS ABOVE. If your email is NOT in the proper format, the nomination will be discarded and not counted. No exceptions. Please do not include any additional information within the email - The body should contain *nothing* but the requested link.

The nominations process lasts for three weeks. Once this process is over, and if a player has made it through the nominations process, they will be contacted by Funcom personnel asking if they wish to proceed to the voting round - If they agree, they will be placed in a list of potential candidates for their profession. If a player has been approved as a nominee for multiple professions (IE: someone reaching the nomination requirements for both Engineer and Shade Professionals), the player will be asked to choose which one they wish to run for.

After the nominations period is up, one week will be spent compiling the information and contacting the parties who have been successfully nominated. After this week period has finished, the following will occur:

First: A Funcom-created thread will appear in each Profession-specific forum for "Campaign Speeches". Each candidate will have the opportunity to write up a biography and a message for the player-base as to why they should be elected as a Professional. These posts will be written by the candidates and posted by a Funcom representative.

Secondly: A voting thread will be created by Funcom personnel. This thread will have all of the eligible nominees listed in a poll, which the player-base may then vote on. This voting process will last for ten days. After this ten day voting process has concluded, the two candidates with the most votes will go on to become the Professionals for their chosen Profession.

Before anything else, all new Professionals are required to sign a Funcom 'non-disclosure agreement', stating that anything they learn regarding the game/company via their participation in the Professionals program must remain between themselves and the developers. Professionals will then gain access to hidden, moderated areas forums in which they will be able to discuss upcoming changes to the game with the developers and staff of Anarchy Online.

Professionals are given certain abilities and responsibilities that go beyond the regular access levels given, and are expected to maintain a modicum of professionalism (no pun intended) as representitives for the community. Professionals will be given moderation rights within their individual Profession-based forum, along-side the above-mentioned access to restricted areas of the forums.

Professionals will also be given access to the ARK-Bug Hunter team on Testlive. In this, a Professional will have the ability to email and 'schedule' time with a member of the Bug Hunter staff - The Professional then will have very broad rights in asking the Bug Hunter team member to aid in testing certain things, including (but not limited to) setting stats, spawning items, teleportation to various locales, ect. ect. Additionally, the Bug Hunter staff will make preparations to be available for the Professionals on dates of a major patch incoming to our Testlive, as to hand out new items and ensure that content may be tested.

Though there are no activity requirements for being a Professional, you may be asked by Funcom staff to perform certain duties related to your Profession. This may include such things as: Forums moderation, posting of polls, gathering/compiling feedback, testing specific content, ect. ect. None of this is mandatory - However, the player-base will know if you are doing your job or not, and failure to complete tasks asked by Funcom staff will reflect on the individual's ability to maintain their position.

As with any position of responsibility, being a Professional requires dedication, focus and time. However, it also requires a calm, rational mind, and the ability to focus on the 'bigger picture'. All Professionals will be held to a standard of rationale and professionalism in their dealings with the player-base, the ARK volunteers, and the Funcom staff. Rude, unintelligent discourse does no one any good, and will not be tolerated within the Professionals program - All Professionals are expected to act in a manner befitting their position, and any ill behaviour will be dealt with accordingly. In addition, any information gained in the process of fulfilling the role of a Professional is considered confidential, and may not be shared with individuals outside of the program without prior, express, written consent of an Anarchy Online staff member (Staff nicknames: Means, Lindelu, Kintaii, Genele, Metaing, MstrBstrd, Flaptoot, Macrosun, Parsed).

Though the community is responsible for electing the Professionals, Funcom staff may, at any point and for any reason, remove a Professional from their position. This is regarded as a 'last-case scenario', and is not something that will occur with any frequency. Should this occur, the Professional will be replaced with whomever received the third-largest amount of votes in the previous election (or fourth, or fifth, and so on and so forth). Should there be no one to fill the position, the position will remain vacant until the three-month "no confidence" vote date, at which point a smaller, faster round of nominations and voting will take place.

Whether or not a Professional maintains their position is (with the exception of potential removal) entirely up to the player-base. Being a Professional comes with no activity requirements, nor any actual responsibilities - Your responsibility is to the player-base, not to Funcom. If you are not found to be doing your job, the player-base will act accordingly. Likewise, if asked, the developers will be honest regarding your preformance within the program - If you are not an active part of the process, and someone asks, we will offer our honest opinion regarding your performance.

In addition to the twenty-eight players chosen as the Professionals for a specific Profession, there will be additional "appointment-only" positions within the program which will be filled at the discretion of Funcom staff. More information on these positions will be given at a later date. These positions are not open to nomination process, nor to voting - The individuals filling these positions will be chosen solely by Funcom staff.

Every three months, all Professionals positions (save the appointed positions) will be placed up for a "vote of no confidence". A thread will be created in each Profession-specific forum where the player base will have the opportunity to remove one or both of their Professionals, or likewise keep both. As noted above in the case of removal, if a Professional is voted out by the player-base they will then be replaced by the individual with the third-highest vote tally from the previous election.

Every nine months, the process will restart, allowing for a new round of nominations and voting. At this point, the 'vote of no confidence' will be suspended, in favour of the new nominations/voting round. When this round of voting begins, all Professionals in good standing from the previous term will automatically be placed in the candidacy list - They are considered to be automatically nominated. There are no term limits on how long an individual may be a Professional, and so long as they are in good standing with the program they will automatically be considered a candidate for the next election.

All information within this post is subject to change. If a change is made that will effect the player-base or the Professionals in any way, notice will be made available of the changes.

Additional information and rules will be supplied to those who have received the position of Professional. If there are any questions regarding this procedure or the rules therein, please send a private message to "Kintaii" via the Anarchy Online forums.