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Anarchy Online's Ninth Birthday Celebration!

Celebrating nine years of being "still alive", Anarchy Online and Funcom invite you to come and party in style on Rubi-Ka! Details and information on the birthday celebration within!

Bithdays in AO are always special occasions, and our ninth anniversary is no exception! Here's a sneak peek at some of the goodness heading your way over the next few weeks:

The birthday of Anarchy Online also means one very important thing for the citizens of Rubi-Ka: It's Mr. Squeaky's Birthday! Three years of NipponTech's cute corporate mascot means tons of ducky goodness for all the good boys and girls of Rubi-Ka. Remember: Mr. Squeaky makes for happy fun times!

For those of you with Paid Points burning a hole in your virtual pocket we have three cool new items headed your way: First up is the awesome new Phasefront Spectre - Red Star, a very cool "cowboy" themed variant of the classic Spectre bike. Done in cool red and tan tones, this limited-edition bike is sure to raise eyebrows as you cruise around Rubi-Ka, and can be yours for only 250 Paid Points.

Also coming to our Paid Points vendor is a new set of awesome sunglasses. The NipponTech "Kami" sunglasses are brand new to the game and have six total colour settings which can be switched out with the twist of a screwdriver. You can pick up the Kami Sunglasses for the low price of 200 Paid Points.

And for those of you who feel extra festive, you can pick up your very own set of nano-balloons! This social "pet" will follow you around where-ever you go, a colourful reminder of the festivities! The balloons can be yours for the special price of 300 Paid Points.

There's also a great selection of new social clothes incoming with the holiday festivities, including the new "Addict" shirt (for those of you who just can't put it down), the new Play Costumes, and... er... well, a giant cardboard box - Just in case you weren't happy with your choice in head. ;) And for you golf enthusiasts out there make sure to pick up the special birthday nine iron! (get it? nine iron? hee hee oh man are we funny)

We also have two new posters, both with an interesting and very retro feel. First up is a special wide-format poster featuring an interesting cast of oddball characters, and secondly is a brand new poster for our friends at Gridstream Productions! Both will be available in-game during the birthday celebrations, but the wide-format poster is only available for a limited time so make sure to get yours before the festivities end.

We're also pleased to show off a brand new version of the Personal Mechanized Vehicle, part of an exclusive new offer for our players! This new PMV variant will be offered up as either a stand-alone purchase or, for those of you wanting to ensure you'll be around to help us celebrate our tenth anniversary, as part of a special offer including a year's subscription to your favourite MMORPG! (that being Anarchy Online, in case you were wondering ;))

Last but not least, for our Alien Invasion city owners we're proud to announce a brand new special city building! In a scavenger hunt that will take you across all of Rubi-Ka and the Shadowlands, players can find and complete a new tradeskill process giving them a new, super-secret building for their player cities. How secret, you ask? Well for now its completely under wraps - Literally! Don't let the Mr. Squeaky wrapping paper fool you, though - After the birthday is over the paper will be torn down to reveal exactly what this gift to our community is; hopefully you guys will like it just as much as we do!

And, of course, what would a party in AO be without, well, a party! Once again the boys and girls of Gridstream Productions will be having an epic throwdown to celebrate our anniversary, and we invite all of you to come! The festivities start on June 26th at 15:00 GMT on Atlantean, and move over to Rimor at 21:00 GMT. Our ARK Community Relations department will be on hand and tossing out all sorts of goodies and special prizes, including the new Phasefront Spectre - Red Star, the new Personal Mechanized Vehicle, and even a grand prize bundle including tons of goodies AND a lifetime free account! There might even be some special appearances from various developers and GMs as well! You don't wanna miss out on this one, folks, as it promises to be one epic throwdown. Remember - The party starts June 26th at The Grind, in Sunrise Station (get there by heading to ICC Headquartes in Andromeda). Make sure to be there!