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Tell us why Anarchy Online is special to you!

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Anarchy Online, and we wanted to mark the occasion with a special project!

We are preparing a special publication to mark this anniversary. We aren't going to announce all the details just yet, but we need your help to make it happen! To this end we are looking for as many people as possible to share their memories about Anarchy Online. Anarchy Online holds a very special place in many of our hearts, and we wanted to do something a little different for major milestone in the game's history. We also don't want it to just be a recounting of history, we want it to reflect the personal connections, memories and stories that have been forged by sharing our time on Rubi-Ka.

When we sat down to decide how best to mark this occasion we knew that we had to feature the community. All of you out there are the people who give the game a community, a family, and we want to get your thoughts about what makes Anarchy Online so special to you.

To that end we have a request for your input! Your answers could be featured in this very special project that will mark the anniversary.

The questions:

  • Your name:
  • Your character name: (remember this information will be usedpublicly, you can provide character name or nickname if you wish!)
  • Your association with AO -  player / volunteer etc (can be multiple):
  • What is your first memory of AO?:
  • What is your favorite story from your time in AO?:
  • What is your favorite location in AO and why?:
  • What makes AO special for you?:
  • What five words would you use to describe AO?:

You don't have to answer all the questions, if you just want to answer one, or more, of them, that is fine too. The important thing is to express what AO means to you!

Please send your answer to: (yes, Silirrion couldn't resist the temptation to help mark the anniversary and is helping out with putting this project together)