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Famine's 10-Year Anniversary Log

Travel with me, Famine the Community Man, to the wonderful city of Montréal for Anarchy Online's ten year anniversary celebration!

What better way to find out what's going on than to travel with me, digitally of course, to this years anniversary gathering? Now you can just by following this article and by following our official Twitter daily, hourly, minutely. Below you will find my detail log and game plan of everything going on at the gathering from the days planning to bits captured from the official twitter and even media from the crazy developers or fans. I will try to be your eyes and ears at the events, and hopefully, you can be there with me as I devulge into the discussions, parties and exclusive investigations into the dev-team.


Famine Log

June 22, 2011 - Day Before the Madness!

7:30pm EST - Twitter hash tag #AO10Year created to allow everyone to join in the madness.

10:25pm EST - Log created with all the excitement of this weeks gathering starting to finally creep up on me!

June 23,2011 - The Madness Begins!

1:49am EST - I finally head off to bed. Yes, I normally don't sleep until 2am because I'm addicted to games!

1:00pm EST - Arrived delayed in Montreal!

1:30pm EST - Went straight to Funcom Montreal from the Airport to make meetings and meet developers.

5:30pm EST - Checked into hotel finally and met with the CS crew.

6:45pm EST - Headed out to dinner at what I think was called 'mBurger' where I actually ordered just a hotdog. ;)

7:10pm EST - MMmmmmMM cookie and ice cream!

7:50pm EST - Headed back to hotel to rest.

7:55pm EST - The gods bless the event!

8:30pm EST - Heading back out to the bar with the CS guys + 1 AO Player.

10:30pm EST - Headed back to hotel again! NN!

June 24, 2011 - PARTY!!!

9:49am EST - Morning Montreal!

11:45am EST - LUNCH!

12:30pm EST - AO Downtime, quickly leave lunch and off to Funcom.

2:25pm EST - Ride with Means to the Biodome and get stuck in traffic!

3:20pm EST - Meet the AO players at the Biodome and get things rolling!

6:00pm EST - Head to the spot and party it up with AO players all night long!

June 25, 2011 - Panel!

1:00pm EST - Met up at the studio to get things rolling.

3:00pm EST -  Joined the gathering with the AO players to play some pool and attend the Q&A Panel.

5:30pm EST - Playing pool, doing tours and chatting with the players!

6:00pm EST - Eatting, playing more pool and shooting video of random people! (Enno Pic!)

...the rest is history!


Information, Information, INFORMATION!


AO 10th Birthday Party x2, and other GSP news

It's the party of the decade on Rubi-Ka, literally! With Anarchy Online celebrating it's 10th birthday, it's too much party for one day to hold, so we're having it on 2 days!

Come celebrate at The Grind with Funcom, ARK and GridStream the weekend of June 24th and 25th. Part 1 of the party will be Friday, June 24th at 7pm EST/11pm GMT. Friday night's party will last 4 hours, with the first half on RK2 and the second half on RK1.

Part 2 of the party will be Saturday, June 25th beginning at 7am EST/11am GMT and ending at 11pm EST/3am GMT. The first half of the party will be on RK2, and the second half on RK1.

Confused? Just poke your head into The Grind Friday night or some time Saturday and you'll probably see the party. Bring all your friends and bring all your alts. The goodies this year will be fantastic, and the credits will be given away in epic proportions!

I would also like to take a moment while I have your attention to welcome 2 new DJ's to the ranks of GridStream...

Welcome to DJ Giga! Giga is brand new to our org, so he's jumping through the applicant hoops and will be ready to DJ soon. You can expect an eclectic mix of music in Giga's shows - anything from country to blues, or metal to R&B. We're excited to sink our teeth into this fresh meat!

Also new among our ranks is a returning DJ from our past, DJ Aakasha. Welcome home, Aakasha! You've been missed and we're excited to hear your contagious giggle and great music back on the stream!

Thank you everyone for listening, and we're looking forward to seeing you all at The Grind on June 24th and 25th!