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GridStream Productions Celebrates 10 years on air!

GridStream Productions, the oldest existing MMORPG-based internet radio station in the world, is celebrating their 10th birthday on May 19th, bringing back some of the legends of GridStream who helped pioneer the concept of broadcasting from within a virtual world. We here at Funcom are very proud to have had them with us for so long and we will be attending the party held that very evening!

GridStream Productions (GSP) was founded in May 2002 by Anarchy Online celebrity Lan Tarryk Kozar, Justin Boco Devane, and others, and is still owned by some of the original staff and founders. The broadcasts are hosted within Anarchy Online with vicinity parties, games and contests, and live music streamed through GSP's website at

GSP is run entirely nonprofit, by players for players of Anarchy Online. GSP currently has twenty DJ's based all over the world, with different tastes in music providing a varied listening experience. GridStream has also done interviews, like the exclusive they did with Nick Wheeler of The All American Rejects in connection with their in-game concert a few years ago.

Additionally, GridStream Productions is currently planning the first ever fan convention for Anarchy Online. It will be taking place August 10-12, 2012 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You can find more information about it at

The landmark birthday celebration will be taking place on May 19th with an enormous party at Reet's Retreat's Glass Dance Floor – the very place where GSP was conceived. The party will be on RK1 from 4pm to 10pm GMT. Tell your friends and log your alts. It'll be a celebration filled with fun, memories, and friendships old and new.