Become A Tester

How To Become A Tester

The test server is used for testing upcoming patches and other changes in the game before we put them on the live server (i.e. where the regular Anarchy Online game-world is running). These are the instructions for becoming a tester.


If you want to be part of our external testing-team, you need to download a duplicator (24kb) and follow the following instructions

1. Ensure that your game client is patched up to the latest version. This is done by simply checking that you can log-in to the live servers.

2. Ensure that Anarchy Online is not running

3. Open the duplicator program

4. The first field will say Testerver, this is the only option.

5. Select the Anarchy Online Directory from your local drive in the second field by clicking on the ... button.

6. Select a location where you want to place the copy of the game files on your local drive in the third field down by clicking on the ... button

7. Once you have selected the correct locations hit the Duplicate button. This will then start to copy the files. Please note this may take some minutes depending on the specifications of your computer.

8. Once the copy is complete you can open the new copied directory and run the anarchy.exe that will connect you to the test server.

9. When you first connect to the Test Server you may have to download new test live patches.

10. You can log into Test Live with your normal account details. You will need to create a new character though.


Anyone with an Anarchy Online subscription can play on this test server. There are, however, some important things to be aware of when using it:

There is no Support staff working on this server, and we cannot guarantee your characters' safety. We may from time to time have to do "player wipes" (i.e. erasing all player characters from the server), and we may do things that cause weird results on this server - so consider yourself warned. This is, in fact, a permanent beta-test server.