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18.6 Update Release Notes

These are the patch notes for the 18.6 update series.

Latest patch: 18.6.11

Date: Nov 27th 2013 

18.6.11 Update Release Notes

Market Updates

  • A stats page should now be added to the Market.


Item Updates

  • Carrier Craft now comes in travel size.
  • We have added a tree dress with a matching hat for the winter holiday events.


Seasonal Updates

We have now finalized this year's Winter holiday content. Featuring a new loot system for social items which will now come out of gifts that you loot from winter themed leets. This means that the old school winter holiday items are possible to obtain this year.

More information will be provided later!


18.6.10 Update Release Notes

Item Updates

  • The Vagabond Cloak no longer has any sub-criteria and the debuff to strength has been replaced by a concealment debuff. Wearing this cloak makes you so smelly, you cannot hide!
  • NCU Robot Reed no longer has a Zone validation or sub-criteria.
  • Bodum-Larga NCU will now increase psy-mod.
  • Carrier Craft will now increase strength with an equal amount to that of the Omni-Tek Gun Ship. (Any QQ about this will be noted, but quickly dismissed!)
  • Neural Interpreting Nball - Handguns will now buff ranged energy too, but none of the stats on this item will exceed 40 points. It will also require sense instead of stamina and be open for any profession to equip.
  • Neural Interpreting Nball - Melee fighting will now be open for any profession to equip.
  • Metallic Hoop, Support Wire, Candy Cord, Counterfeit Omni Epaulet's highest QL values have been nerfed... slightly.
  • An Omni Epaulet has been made for Omni-Tek players. This will spawn the Counterfeit Omni Epaulet if used by a Clanner. The Counterfeit Omni Epaulet will spawn the Omni Epaulet if used by an Omni.
  • Whistle-box now increases add all def instead of reflect.
  • Capsule of Thin Blood will now require Stamina to equip.
  • Candied Fruit Armband will now increase Nano Prog, Quantum FT, Weapon Smt, Chemistry and Pharma Tech from 1 to 15.
  • Ring of Body Maintenance is no longer Nanomage only.
  • Real Knickers Stockings will now increase Evade and Runspeed by 50 points and Duck/Dodge by 20 points.
  • Reinforced Blackpants will now increase the wearer's Strength by 5 points.
  • Jones Energized Carbonan Helmet will buff 15 comp. lit at the highest QL.
  • Hollow Orange Torch, will only be possible to use by Enforcer and Adventurer and increase all Shield AC by 20 points.
  • Black/White Agent Cloak will now increase Evades by 25 points and Rifle, Aimed Shot and Concealment by 20 points. These items remain Agent only.
  • Ai-X44 Android Head will increase Intelligence and Psychic from 1 to 15.


NPC Updates

  • A couple of the Griefing Uncle Pumpkin-Heads have started to exploit and replicated some items that never should have dropped...
  • Uncle Pumpkin-Heads have now found their lost backpack of Lya Armor.


Dungeon Updates

  • You should now be able to enter the Crypt of Home again.
And we have fixed some more exploits...


18.6.9 Update Release Notes

Instance Updates

  • The collector should no longer have a desire to kill himself.


18.6.7 - 18.6.8 Update Release Notes

Warning: You need at least 2 gig free disc space to patch.

Game Updates

  • We have now converted the RDB in preparation for the new engine.

Monster Updates

  • Omni-tek has created a birth control program for Kizzermoles which will prevent them from reproducing so rapidly... - Npcs have again been given a brain transplant and we hope that they can manage to find their way home without getting stuck inside geometry. - Temple of the Three winds cultists will now follow you for 60 meters before they figure out its a lost cause. - Some control towers should no longer have a personality...

Loot Updates

  • Previous dated loot should now drop from the uncle pumpkinheads. - The watchdog pattern should now drop again. - Miy cloaks should now drop from the Entvined in the Halloween instance.

Instance Updates

  • The Collector has gotten some of his walls properly installed and invites everyone to leave if they keep trying to get stuck. - Alien Communications Officers in Sector 10 has now realized that they are not in Sector 42.

Item Updates

  • A new Advanced Personal Grid converter has been made. It can be used on any friendly control tower to enter The Grid. If the tower's organization is not your own, you will pay a fee of 100 000 credits directly in to that organization's bank. This item can be bought in the "Computers" vending machine.
  • A social Uncle Pumpkin-head pet has been made for ARK Events.
  • An Omni-Tek standard issue prisoner outfit has been made.
  • Have you ever wanted to become extremely ugly? Well now is your chance.. An Entvined Facemask has been made to claim in the itemshop during the Halloween events.
  • An enigma companion has also been made for itemshop. Free to claim during the Halloween events.
  • A signal beacon that creates pretty effects has been made.
  • A Christmas tree dress has been made, but it won't be available before Christmas! Portable surgery clinics should no longer be possible to use on others.


As usual no patch without some exploits fixed!


18.6.6 Update Release Notes

Playfield Updates

  • Borealis has now been liberated.


Game Updates

  • Characters with many veteran points will now be able to see their veteran points properly. - The timed city upkeep warning is now removed.


Quest Updates

  • Bahirae Serugiusu will no longer be stationed in Omni-Trade and Antonio Neal has taken her place.


NPC Updates

  • NPCs will no longer get stuck inside collision when returning to their spawn point. - Aliens in Sector 10 are tired of players running too far away and will now return to their spawn point after 50 meters. - Some monsters in Albtraum have gotten their powers diminished.


Item Updates

  • The Fifth Play Costume no longer has a typo.

We have fixed some exploits.


18.6.5 Update Release Notes

Anniversary Updates

  • The Tinker will now accept 500 items to start a raid. Drop chance of these items has been reduced a bit to reflect this change.
  • The Tinker will reward anyone handing in a birthday item with a "Tinker Token". 250 of these tokens can be used to buy a sealed ql300 Nomad Armor set.
  • A new play costume has been made for this year's festivities. Old anniversary items have been added to the loot folders of all Nomads at a lower drop chance.
  • A reward item for attending the Borealis events has been made.
  • A few npcs have prepared themselves for the upcoming Borealis events!


Item Updates

  • A pink silvertail social pet has been made. It might eventually find its way in to the Itemshop.
  • The Balloons! social pet has gotten its icons updated.

As usual we have also fixed exploits this patch.


18.6.4 Update Release Notes

Game Updates

  • Battlestation should now work properly again.
  • The launcher should no longer delete prefs.


18.6.3 Update Release Notes

Dungeon and Instance Updates

  • Alappaa should now work properly again.
  • Monsters in Alappaa ate a noob stim and should now be easier to kill.


Quest Updates

  • The Omni-Tek Tailor is no longer racist and will accept rollerrat flesh from Nanomage characters.

We have fixed many exploits this patch.


18.6.2 Update Release Notes

Various Game Updates

  • 12 Character slots should now be available to all active subscribers. Any new or reactivated subscriber account will gain 10 slots. Froobs will have 8 character slots.
  • Mouse cursor attachment will no longer obstruct the readability of the tooltip.


Dungeon and Instance Updates

  • Monsters in Temple of the Three winds, Inner Sanctum, Foremans, Pandemonium, Crypt of Home, Cyborg Barracks, Albtraum, Alappaa, Dark Ruins (Team), Smugglers/Mantis Den, Steps of Madness, Subway will now return to their spawnpoint when trained and will also provide a higher amount of XP.
  • Albtraum missions now require less monster kills.
  • Albtraum should now have less monsters.
  • Sector 10 bosses will now drop ICE and and has a chance to drop an Untuned Relay.
  • Sector 10 Signal relays are now yesdrop.
  • A spirit in the outzones will now be able to tell you if your character is immune to Vortexx's attacks.


Playfield Updates

  • Tir City has now gotten a cleanup.
  • The bank terminal should be inside the tax office building this time. It was full of ninja the last time and escaped...


Quest Updates

  • The monsters spawned by the Arid Rift Quest named "Genomes and Evidence" should now despawn after a while.


Item and Nano Updates

  • Mudurlugu should now check for the Shadowlands expansion.
  • An ARK event reward item has been made.
  • The Equip Timer on Yalmaha vehicles have been set to the same value as the jet pack.
  • The Ranged Weapon Tracers have been removed from Excalibur and Snake Tamer Shield.
  • Some more items have gotten their NODROP tag removed.
  • Heckler Juice now requires the user to be in ICC.
  • The CRU items have been removed from the fixer shop.
  • Iron Circle is now a target buff instead of a team buff, like other ability buffing nanos.
  • Dropping the City Resettlement Beacon on to a City Controller should no longer consume it.
  • Various typos have been fixed in nanos and items.
  • Breed change items are no longer possible to use on the same breed/different gender to encourage the use of a gender change item which is less costly.
  • The amount of Controller Recompiler Units have been drastically reduced. Quality levels which are not 25%, 50% 75% or 100% have now been broken and turned Nodrop to increase the readability of the Market search results. Broken CRU can be repaired by using a Nano Programming Interface. It is also possible to combine CRU to create larger % valued CRU.
  • Traders can now buy 25%, 50%,75% and 100% CRU from the Specialist Commerce.

We also fixed some exploits!


Update Release Notes 18.6.1

Various Game Updates

  • Fixed some server crashes.
  • Pets should now be possible to rename properly again.
  • Fixed that the global research is not progressing.
  • We have made optimizations for server performance.
  • We have temporarily disabled the mail notification.
  • Fixed various exploits. (I just wanted to make sure it was not forgotten so you believe these are real patch notes!)


Update Release Notes 18.6.0

Various Game Updates

  • There will now just be one dimension for Anarchy Online called Rubi-Ka.
  • Mouse cursors have been updated.
  • You can now use ctrl-click to attack.
  • The prefs have been moved out of the install directory. And in to the app data folder of your operating system.
  • Buttons have been added to the launcher to open the gui, screenshot and scripts folders.
  • Froobs will no longer be allowed to become president of an organization.
  • Inventories will no longer be part of the BLOB.
  • The vehicle nano line should now display properly.
  • Kill monster group missions will now have a more accurate system message.
  • The following Rubi-Ka zones have now been closed: Coast of Tranquility, Coast of Peace, 3 Craters West, 3 Craters East
  • A white Fancy outfit has been added to the Veteran Vendor.
  • The Flea monster has gotten a texture polish. Shade's caress now deals the same damage on both melee and ranged targets.
  • Building size and upkeep should now be displayed in the item description.
  • More characters can be created when less than max are active.
  • Personal research gain output has been updated to reflect it's not affected by faction standing.


City Updates

  • The tax office will now be available to place in your organization city.
  • Outdoor cities have been disabled.
  • The city plot is no longer the main defining factor in the city upkeep. The upkeep price of a city can be controlled by how many beneficial buildings you have placed. 5x5 Buildings will add 5 000 000 to the city upkeep. 10x10 Buildings will add 10 000 000 to the city upkeep. And so on..
  • Some city buildings have been resized to match this new design.
  • A small instanced city has been added. Entrance can be found in ICC. The base upkeep of this city is 5 000 000 credits. The price will be 300 000 000 credits.
  • A Large instanced city has been added. Entrance can be found in ICC. The base upkeep of this city is 15 000 000 credits. The price will be 500 000 000 credits.
  • Serenity Island is now a large city plot. The base upkeep of this city is 15 000 000 credits. The price will be 500 000 000 credits.
  • Market, ECM Tower (the large one) and Medium organization HQ buildings have been disabled.
  • City buildings can be bought in the Tower Shop.
  • All city Buildings are now nodrop. (Buildings can be sold before the final tradeskill step as the final tradeskill step is based on comp. lit.)
  • City advantages have been updated: Guard house will provide heal delta. Landing pad will now provide run speed. Swimming pool now only provides Body Development. HQs no longer provide run speed.
  • A City Resettlement Beacon has been created and will be given to all presidents of an organization with a city. This package contains the following buildings and items: A small and a large HQ, an ECM tower, a Grid House, a Notum Silo, a Satellite Uplink, Mining Operations, a Sauna, a Tax Office and a City voucher which will allow you to buy an instanced city plot of your choice.
  • The Grid house now grants access to the grid by walking on the platform.
  • A punching bag npc is now added in the notum silo.
  • You should no longer be able to place multiple beneficial buildings of the same type.