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Monthly Development Update - 3rd September 2013

Nusquam brings you the latest news from the AO team.

Forum post can be found here.

Hi everybody,
I am very happy today to announce the beginning of beta for the new rendering engine signups. Please follow this link to sign-up for the closed beta.

We will be inviting people into the closed beta in waves and eventually we will drop the NDA and transition the closed beta to the open beta. For now we hope that players, both past and present, will indicate their interest by signing up.

In these early stages of the closed beta, we will not provide the ability to copy over characters to the beta server. This is because the New Player Experience is also available in the closed beta and we would like to get as many eyes on this new content as possible. As the beta progresses, we will add the ability to copy over characters and gather focused feedback on higher level areas.

In other news, the itemshop has undergone a visual revamp which will be released on Tuesday the 3rd of September. This update will also contain a new sub-category system for easier browsing and all the items in the itemshop have been resorted for this purpose. Less popular social items will be removed and some new items will be added. Among them are the long awaited SSC "Bastion" Nanopaint Chip, Old English Trading Company Retropads, a Bucket helmet and of course, your new best friend: The Pink Silvertail.

Genele has been hard at work revamping the whompah system. I'll let her provide all of the new details about where the new whompah outposts will be added in her update next month. Macrosun has been teaching the residents of Rubi-Ka about rainmaps in the new engine - finally the citizens of Rubi-Ka have fixed all of the holes in their ceilings. Nobody likes a soggy leet.

That's it for this update, thanks for listening!