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Winter Celebrations

The Winter Celebrations will begin in Anarchy Online the 13th of December. We invite you to join for events, special offers and free gifts!

Our Winter Celebration lasts for three weeks, until the 2nd of January.


Santaleet is back in the major cities on Rubi-Ka and will as usual hand out missions to help his Elfleets, so that they once again can bring happiness to the leets and citizens of Rubi-Ka. You will have to man up to face the alien forces that has infested Santaleet's workshop, and among them the terrifying alien fleet commander Grin'Cha.

The Elfleets have worked hard this year and created many of the previous years holiday content. By hunting down the winter leets in the major cities of Rubi-Ka, you will be able to take their gifts for yourself.


Gift-Wrapped Leet

The Gift wrapped leet has been too greedy and stolen shiny stuff from Santaleet again. He will be hiding under a christmas tree in Borealis, and it will be your task to help him clean up this mess so that he can celebrate the "Wintar holidals" like all the other leets.



Has returned to Rubi-Ka and is hiding from all the hungry people who would like to eat her. Drop by Stret West Bank if you would like to ask her for a snowball lantern or perhaps a gingerbread yutto tent. With a little assurance that you won't eat her, you might become her friend.



(...or should we call it bad taste? )

This year's new outfit features a Christmas tree dress...


Item Shop

This year all players will be able to claim a Gift-Wrapped Leet morph for free from the Item Shop.

All Members will be able to claim an additional gingerleet pet for free!



Special Offer

We also want to celebrate the holiday season with exclusive Membership offers. Each of these offers are available today and will last until the 2nd of January.

  • Buy six months of Membership in and receive two extra months for free and three Combat Nano Cans which boost your XP gain by 50% for four hours each.
  • Buy twelve months of Membership and receive four extra months for free, plus three Combat Nano Cans which boost your XP gain by 50% for four hours each and a Victory Points Package which includes 5000 Victory Points.

Also remember that the new engine Closed Beta has just begun:

Anyone who uses this offer to sign up for twelve months of Membership will receive immediate access to the Closed Beta.

Anyone who has signed up for six months of Membership will receive guaranteed access to the Closed Beta in January.


The Anarchy Online Team wishes everyone "Happeh Holidals"!