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Monthly Development Update - 2nd of April 2014

Genele brings you the latest news from the AO team.

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Monthly Development Update – 2nd of April, 2014 
Hai 2 u,
Last month, many of you engaged in heated discussions about the nano changes in 18.7. I just want to ensure you all that we do read feedback and will make sure that the nano changes come with proper follow up changes to ensure good game play in the future. 

There are already so many changes that have been made in 18.7 and there are also a lot more to come. We will of course listen and modify things as we go, when you have actually tested all these changes and given us valuable feedback. We will have an open dialog with the testlive testers and the professionals to find the best solutions to any problems caused by these changes, especially during the critical time when 18.7 has been patched to Testlive. 

The past month has been filled with planning meetings, 18.7 bug fixes/updates, vacation for the dev team and a large bit of frustration. We had planned to patch the beta servers before leaving for vacation. 

However, our build machine decided to make our lives difficult by dying every time we tried to create the patch. Operations have been helping us out, but sadly we got defeated by the build machine and had to leave on vacation without patching the beta servers. The plan now is to make a patch this week, now that we are all back in the office. 

We have made a large number of bug fixes in the 18.7 branch and some new features. I will list some of the highlights for the upcoming patch below:

Beta Server Patch Highlights 
The battlestations have been reworked a bit so that areas that have been previously closed with glass have been re-opened. Using the /stuck functionality will no longer get you “lost in space”. Finally we have set a 10 second cooldown and a skill-lock to treatment when using the teleporters. This is to prevent players from easily getting away from a fight to heal up quickly.

A ctrl+click functionality add items to a vendor window has been made for 18.7 which is something I believe many of you will be very happy to get. (I know I have been smashing my face against the keyboard while slowly selling off my many backpacks of mission loot. CTRL click click click... would have made my day many days, hehe.)

We have actually fixed the zone border between Lush Fields and Clondyke. Coast of Peace and tranquility will also be re-opened.  

That is it from me this month. 

- Genele