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Monthly Development Update - 2nd June 2014

Genele brings you the latest news from the AO team.

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Monthly Development Update – 2nd of June, 2014  
Hi everybody, 
Time for an update on all things Anarchy Online.

This month we patched live with several important bug and exploit fixes. We are aware that the Nano-Technician nuke still has an issue, but that has been fixed internally and the fix will be patched the next time we patch Testlive.

We have made more systems changes to the 18.7 update this month. There is now a nano crystal to upload to Martial Artist Zazen stance. The Zazen stance will not debuff the Martial Arts skill, but instead debuff the Crit Chance and Damage of Martial Artist while increasing the Heal Multiplier and reducing Nano Cost. Martial artists will be able to enter the Zazen Stance every 30seconds, however, cancelling the Zazen Stance will set the Martial Artist’s Nano to 1. The Lost Eden expansion will be a requirement to upload the Zazen Stance. All Martial artist heals will be updated to heal more if the Martial artist is in the Zazen stance. The Martial artist heals will no longer place the Martial Artist in an extended nano recharge.

Traders will no longer be able to skill drain themselves and their opponents will no longer be drained for more than the trader gets in return. The trader will on the other hand be able to enjoy a line cooldown instead of a long recharge when executing skill drains which will leave him open to cast other nano programs faster.

Following the system used in the other live games, we have begun to automate the seasonal events in the game. In the 18.7 branch, we have placed out all seasonal spawns in the game world and we will start testing on the closed beta in the upcoming weeks to ensure the automated system works as intended. The Closed Beta server was patched last week, and we in the process of inviting more people onto the server.

A Pumpkin on a Stick indicator will be spawned in areas where the Griefing Uncle-Pumpkin Heads can be found after this change, which will make it easier to find their spawns. A Ganking Uncle Pumpkin-Head with a slow spawn timer will appear in the SBC Site Alpha Romeo areas and will have a 100% chance to drop the oldschool phats we added to the Griefing Uncle Pumpkin-Heads last year. We plan to have 18.7 out on the Live dimension before Halloween this year. 

Speaking of which, we are aiming to patch Testlive with the huge 18.7 patch during the summer. I can't tell you the exact date yet, but we are very close to finishing everything and having it all go through testing.

Once we have determined an actual patch date, we will announce it.

Thanks for listening,