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Monthly Development Update - 2nd July 2014

Genele brings you the latest news from the AO team.

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Monthly Development Update – 2nd of July, 2014 

Hello again!

As you all might have noticed, Anarchy Online has turned 13 years and we are celebrating with the Desert Nomads event and all new Membership offers with unique items. 

We managed to patch the servers before the big day, however some of you have complained that I swung my nerf bat a bit too hard this patch, and I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused for the many Nano-Technicians out there. I have tried to work out a better temporary solution to the Garuk's Improved Viral Assault with the professionals to ensure that NTs don’t suffer such a significant loss of DPS. For people who have requested the details about this change, I have prepared these notes:


  • The attack time will be changed to 1.25 seconds (the cap will be removed).
  • The recharge time will be 1 second.
  • A local cooldown of 9 seconds will be added.
  • The nano target must have nanoline 8 running.
  • The Matter Creation main criteria will be changed to 2000+.


These changes will be patched in with 18.6.14 as soon as we have sorted out some other changes that will come in with this patch. 

I hope most players will find this solution acceptable until the Nano-Technician nuke changes arrives with the 18.7 patch series.


The 18.7 Patch series

Pending the last 18.6 patch (which will hopefully be 18.6.14), we are planning to get 18.7 to Testlive as soon as possible. This patch will contain the NPE and other changes I have presented in various newsletters the past year. However, the new client will remain on the closed beta server. We are really excited to finally be able to get this branch tested on the old client and hopefully nothing major comes up so we can get it patched to the live dimension. It has taken a long time, but I hope the end result will be worth it.

As for the latest 18.7 upcoming patches, we will get patched to the beta server next week. After that we will branch out 18.8 and patching this to the beta server as we will ship 18.7 to Testlive shortly after.


Highlights in the patch 

  • Updated whom-pah towers that has an antenna.
  • Special attacks will get a timer on the quick bar.
  • Traders will get their AAD and AAO drains updated so that they can be used from lower levels and also on NPCs. The Critical Increase drain that was removed from the skill drain line has now been moved to one of these two lines. The debuff part will not stack with the skill drains, but the buff part will stack on the trader, giving the trader one AAD+critical decrease buff and one AAO+Critical Increase buff in addition to the two skill drains. This should hopefully improve trader survivability.
  • Martial artists will finally get the zazen stance and all their healing nanos have been updated this patch.



That's it for this month. Enjoy the desert nomads while they are still here.