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Darius Zeiler · Director of Omni-Admin, Rubi-Ka

The strong and charismatic Director of Omni-Admin remains a mystery to many. He masks his emotions very well and always comes off as correct, a true company man.

Born: Darius Zeiler – Omni-Prime – July 7th, 29423
Appearance: 187cm, 85kg, black hair, brown eyes. Artificial golden sparkle implanted to both eyes
Position: Director of Omni-Admin, Rubi-Ka

Characteristics: Charismatic and powerful. A very neatly dressed man, always looking his best, he sports the latest fashion when he is off the job.

Strengths and weaknesses: Darius Zeiler is a perfect example of a corporate stereotype. Always correct and proper, with the company’s agenda set on first priority. Rumors suggest he has a "soft spot" for women but the true nature of this side of him has yet to be seen publicly. Those who know him privately know that he is a different man when he’s not at work, his mind dark and menacing.

Bio: Born as only son to Andrei and Anne Zeiler. His father was a very influential administrator on Omni-Prime and as such, Darius got the very best education the corporation could provide. Very early on, he would take leadership positions and was already working as director of Omni-Admin on another corporate run planet when he was appointed to the same position on Rubi-Ka in 29475.