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Rita Prestin · Chief Operating Officer, Omni-Med Rubi-Ka

As the talented but extreme physician who currently leads up Omni-Med's operations on Rubi-Ka, Rita Prestin sits securely in her Director's chair, as she has for a long time.

Born: Rita Katherina Mayor – Jupiter Core – April 5th, 29259
Appearance: 169 cm, 77kg, black hair, brown eyes.
Position: Chief Operating Officer, Omni-Med

Characteristics: Very tanned and uses a lot of make-up. Several cyber-implants to slow age process to an absolute minimum.

Strengths and weaknesses: Though more than 200 years of age, Ms. Prestin appears to be in her mid to late forties and places a lot of importance on her physical appearance.

Bio: Rita Prestin grew up on Jupiter Core, daughter of influential surgeons Richard and Yvonne Mayor and it was decided early on that she would attend medical school as well. Shortly after she turned 18 she married Kurt Prestin, a holographic designer, but they were divorced only one year later. Ms. Prestin has spent most of her adult life with Omni-Tek, rising slowly in rank as a medical doctor to her current position, running the entire 10.000+ employees Omni-Med operation in Omni-1. Ms. Prestin is known for her groundbreaking and sometimes extreme experiments in bio- and nanotechnology.