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Eva Pourais · Director of Omni-Reform, Rubi-Ka

As charismatic as she is beautiful, Eva Pourais leads up Omni-Reform as one of its most talented officers. While she is a pleasant person to strike up a conversation with, she must not be underestimated.

Born: Eva Pourais - unknown.
Appearance: 179cm, 58kg, blonde hair, blue eyes.
Position: Director of Omni-Reform

Characteristics: Slim, in good health, beautiful and charismatic.

Strengths and weaknesses: Claimed to have the ability to read people like a open book. Intensely intelligent. Probably too cocky for her own good.

Bio: Personal details prior to joining Omni-Tek are non-existent, but her ascension within the corporation has been fast and impressive. Ms. Pourais, believed to be single, is often known as ‘the face of OT’; she is often in the media and she is featured prominently in Omni-Tek image operations. She is responsible for the hugely successful kids- and teenage-oriented campaign “Embrace the Omni in you!” – widely recognized as one of the best corporate image campaigns ever. Records show she was promoted to head of Omni-Reform in 29469.