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Ivan Sergeyich - Chief of Omni-Pol, Rubi-Ka

Ivan Sergeyich is a man very few people dare stand against when facing him. His brutal streak gives him a fearful image that he has no qualms upholding. Loyal to Omni-Tek and Omni-Pol, he is a force of his own within the company.

Born: Ivan Piotr Sergeyich – Domovoi Prime – February 22nd 29430
Appearance: 164cm, 112kg, dark brown Hair, brown eyes
Position: Chief Commander, Omni-Pol

Characteristics: Big, well-trimmed moustache. Steel-enhanced fingernails. Wears several rings without jewels for an unknown reason.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Loves vodka. Ivan is known as cruel, sadistic and brutal, hence the nickname Ivan the Terrible.

Bio: Born and raised on the Russian planet Domovoi Prime in the main city New Kiev, Sergeyich came to Rubi-Ka with his family when they signed up for the colonist program. His father died in the mines shortly after their arrival, and his mother remarried an Omni-Pol officer and they moved to Omni-1. Consequently, and within a few months, Sergeyich was enrolled into the Omni-Pol training program. Despite his remarkably young age, he thrived, and like his peers, rose through ranks quickly. He was appointed the Chief of Omni-Pol in 29464. Today, Sergeyich is an indomitable force within Omni-Pol and the corporation in general.