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Philip Ross · Former CEO of Omni-Tek, Rubi-Ka

Philip Ross was the youngest appointed CEO in Omni-Tek's history and led the company through tumultous times on Rubi-Ka. Despite being a faithful and loyal company man, many clans as well as corporate employees respected him for his obvious empathy. Philip Ross was shot in 29479 and has remained in coma since.

Born: Philip Ross - Bombay, Earth - March 11th 29403
Appearance: 192cm, 84kg, silver-grey hair, grey eyes
Position: Former Chief Executive Officer of Omni-Tek, Rubi-Ka division

Characteristics: Cyber-implants, including enhanced vision. He most likely has some unidentified Omni-Med prototype implants as well.

Strengths and weaknesses: Excellent leadership, very convincing speaker, empathic, no evident weaknesses.

Bio: As son of Lora and Brian Ross, who were both high-ranking Omni-Tek employees, Philip Ross received a first-class military training and began working at the Omni-Tek headquarters at age 26. Already known in the army as a strategic genius and promoted to captain, Ross was shortly after promoted to the position of a strategic advisor of the company leadership. After he worked himself into the inner circles of Omni-Tek he enjoyed a shooting star-like career. On September 1st 29447 he was appointed CEO of Omni-Tek’s operations on Rubi-Ka, a position he held until May 7th 29479, when he was shot by an unknown assailant whilst holding a speech in Omni-1. Philip Ross was one of the most popular CEOs in the modern history of the corporation.