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Tarkhan Zora · CEO of Omni-Tek, Rubi-Ka

Tarkhan Zora comes from a military background and was a natural choice for the position of CEO when it became clear that Philip Ross would not return. Commanding the Unicorn Company as well as all of Omni-Tek's armed forces on Rubi-Ka, he might very well be the one who cleans up the messy situation on Rubi-Ka.

Born: Tarkhan Zora – Delta sector, Omni-Prime – January 14th 29425
Appearance: 189cm, 88kg, bald, blue eyes.
Position: Chief Executive Officer of Omni-Tek, Rubi-Ka division

Characteristics: Pale complexion, sunken cheeks, hard features.

Strengths and weaknesses: Strong personality, sharp intellect. Zora is a military man through-and-through and an excellent strategist. Highly experienced leader. No known weaknesses.

Bio: Most of Tarkhan Zora’s records are confidential, but it’s public knowledge that he attended the finest military academy on Omni-Prime. It is assumed he worked as a counter-intelligence agent for the Unicorn Company in the immediate years after his exam. In 29466 he served as an intelligence liaison to Philip Ross’ command staff on Rubi-Ka following the Black October Dust Brigade attacks. Further record details remain confidential until 29469 when he was appointed to the Unicorn central command. The following year he held a military advisor role in the diplomatic team that signed the addendum to the Tir Accord. In 29477 he was promoted to the Unicorn security advisor to the corporation’s Board of Directors on Omni-Prime, a position he held until he assumed command as acting CEO for Omni-Tek, Rubi-Ka in July 29479, following the shooting of Phillip Ross. Tarkhan Zora was appointed permanent CEO of Omni-Tek, Rubi-Ka on December 03 29480.